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Product: Lemongrass Essential Oil
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Includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and satisfaction guarantee .

Safe for adults babies dogs cats and children this large 4oz bottle of lemony oil is steam distilled perfect for aroma therapy . Use in a solution with a diffuser for making homemade cleaning products or simply finding serenity in creating a spa-like atmosphere .

Made from the stems of the Indian Lemongrass plant the oil is extracted and then steam distilled . The resulting oil is strong and majestic and has a distinctive scent .

More than just a high quality oil at a low price with an adorable label Invivo Essential is about value quality integrity and caring . We believe in harvesting what nature has made living peacefully on Earth and giving back .

You’re going to love this oil in a glass roller bottle . Just dilute your it with a quality carrier oil and roll it on your skin to allow it to work Then you can store it in your purse and always have it handy .

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Size Big 4 Oz
Type 100% Pure & Natural